The Categories

For this 2022 edition of the Fantasy Awards, the categories have been revealed!

Best Song

Albums, shows, rehearsals, all of them start with one element… the song! Each and every one of these masterpieces carries within them the heart and soul of the artists that created them. Whether they are meant as stories, protests or pure entertainment, the mighty song is the core of CeltCast, of festivals and for some an essential part of life.

We select so many songs already to be played on our radio station, but we also want to give the audience a chance to highlight their favourites. This is why we created the category Best Song.

What was your favourite song in 2021?

Best Video

In this day and age, online presence is more important than ever for an artist or band. Streaming services have for a large part replaced hard copy music releases, online radio creates a global reach for local bands, and then there are the videos! Youtube and Vimeo, as main platforms, have provided a breeding ground for even more artistic expression than ever before, enabling musicians to fulfil their vision of a complete production, from writing, recording and mixing, up to the point of telling the story of the song in all its intended detail, whether that means they are productions of live performances or full-blown epic stories.

With all the effort being put into these amazing productions, obviously, we wanted to give them the attention they deserve, so this year there will be a Fantasy Award for Best Music Video once more!

What was your favourite music video in 2021?

Best Album

We all know artists that we would like to take home with us after a live show. Unfortunately, there are laws against abduction and cloning, so we do not recommend trying to drag musicians into your car. However, years ago, some very clever people invented a solution to that problem: the album! Artists put their heart and soul into these collections of musical art and so in this way you can indeed take a piece of them home with you. Each year hundreds, maybe thousands, of these gems are produced, and each year at the Fantasy Awards we want to let our audience know which band or artist they should definitely invite into their home in the previously described legal manner.

What was your favourite album in 2021?

Best Cover Art

Making a good album or single isn’t only about the music. Making the music recognizable in stores, YouTube, Spotify and in streaming services is also a huge part of it. This has to be achieved by one single thing: The Album Cover. That is why we think the artists deserve the same recognition for their art and hard work for an album as the band. With this award, we want to give them recognition by putting the spotlight on them and give them their moment in the sun.

What is your favourite album cover ever?

Best Collaboration

As the saying goes “The more the merrier” and for making music there is no exception. What started with a funny stage crash sometimes ends up with bands performing multiple times together and or create special sets for events. This results in fantastic moments you can only ever see live or in fantastic collaborative recordings in the studio. Collaboration is something we can not have enough of in this world. That’s why we honour these moments with the award for best collaboration.

What is your favourite collaboration ever?

Best Live Act

We know it, you know it, we all know it so no need to mention it. Mostly unable to perform live, the artists had to dive into the virtual world to find their audience. We have seen bands perform a single song using their webcam and others giving a whole concert from the comfort of their living room to the comfort of our living rooms. Others even played in an otherwise empty concert hall just so we could enjoy their music. There were so many beautiful initiatives that we want to celebrate and honour them again this year.

We consider an online act as the registration of the performance of a singular band or artist. So, think lockdown living room concerts, online rehearsal shares and complete IRL or digital concerts. Live or online events, meaning full-on festivals that feature multiple bands or acts, have their own award category.

What was your favourite live act in 2021?

Best Venue

There can’t be a show or concert without the amazing venue that houses them. Especially during the past year, some venues have done the impossible. The show must go on, and many have made sure that it could. This inspired us to create a new award, with which we want to show them our love and gratitude. This one is meant for the sound and light technicians, filming staff and everyone at the venue who made sure that we could still enjoy live music.

What is your favourite venue ever?

Best Event

The festival season last year was a mixture of online events, and a few instances when they could actually be organised IRL. This year was once again tough, but these events did give us the feeling of connectedness that we all love so much. Because of this, we want to turn the spotlight from the acts towards those that organise and facilitate these gatherings of tribes and adapt them to ever changing regulations.

We consider live or online events, full-on festivals that feature multiple bands or acts. Online acts as the registration of the performance of a singular band or artist have their own award category.

What was your favourite event in 2021?

Best Merch

Listening and dancing to music isn’t the only way to show your appreciation of your favourite artists or festival. There’s a whole range of merchandise too: from T-shirts, hoodies and beanies to lighters, power banks and masks. From the nice practical things to the crazy funny things. For precious memories or a good cause all are great in their own way.

What is your favourite merch item ever?

Best Drink

Many of us enjoy the festivals with a drink in our hands. In fact, our scene has a selection of drinks that are consumed mainly at our festivals. Think of special beers, the many types of cider and a wide selection of meads. Drinks that you won’t easily find anywhere else compared to wines and whisk(e)ys. Once more we want to raise a glass with you in celebration of these signature drinks.

What is your favourite festival drink ever?

Best Snack

After jumping and dancing at the sunny festivals you need something to replenish your energy and during the cold months you need something to keep yourself warm. Luckily there are many options, one might say almost too many choices. Think of garlic bread, smoked meat, a nice fruit cup, special chips or cookies, fudge or honey snacks and many, many more. With this award, we want to give thanks to all those people keeping us fed.

What is your favourite festival snack ever?

Best Merchant

What is better than finding the thing you were looking for? Finding something you weren’t looking for. Both can be found at the many stalls present at the festivals in the scene. Whether you’re looking for that special drink or snack, a new knife from the blacksmith for your outfit, or the latest work from your favourite author, the merchants can help you find what you need.

Which was your favourite merchant in 2021?

Thanks for the Laugh

So long and thanks for all the laughs! The perfectly timed stage crash, the funny social media video or post, the bloopers that show we are all humans. Basically anything that made us fold over from laughter. We want to celebrate these moments with this new award.

What moment made you laugh the most?

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In 2019, when other responsibilities mounted, the people of Bastaard found themselves less and less able to give these awards the attention they deserve. Hence, they went looking for another organisation to take on the responsibility to make this event happen. At CeltCast, we were honoured that they looked towards us! And so, ever since our fifth anniversary, we are proud to organise and host the next editions of the Fantasy Awards! Please browse this website to find all of the information you can possibly want, about the categories, how to vote, and which entertainment to expect! If you want to know more about CeltCast please visit our website at

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